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What’s the Best Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Gear?

The short answer? The set you currently own. The long answer is this: women's adventure motorcycle gear is a tricky subject, but it's 2022 now - not 2012 - and a lot has changed for the better. As someone who has ridden in no gear (bad idea - don't do this), crappy gear, second-hand gear, men's gear, and women's ADV and off-road gear, I feel like I've gone through it all. Having started riding in 2013 in Peru, I had zero clue about good gear. So much so, in fact, that I thought protective motorcycle gear was for racers. You know, for professionals; little old me on a 150cc bike, I figured, didn't quite qualify for fancy leathers or a full-on ADV suit. Then, I crashed and skinned my left leg to the point of discovering what my kneecap looked like up close and personal, and chang

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