Hello and welcome to my digital hideout! I’m Egle, a writer, a traveler, and a fish out of water here to share strange stories from the road, encourage outrageous decisions, and invite you on an adventure.

How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World Overland // Adventure Bound

A motorcycle hobo by choice and a writer by calling, I’ve been on the road since 2013. Obsessed by obscure places and storytelling, I’m usually spotted pawing away at my laptop spinning tales, leading women’s off-road motorcycle tours, and, plagued by visions of grandeur and glory, occasionally entering rally races or subjecting myself to all sorts of off-road training abuse just to see if I can keep the rubber side down.

A self-confessed nerd perpetually fascinated by the ways of the world, I’m hellbent on traveling the world until the road runs out – and share the adventure with those who dream of mountains and faraway places.


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