Hello and welcome to our digital hideout! We’re Lennart and Egle, two moto nutcases riding around the world on two wheels – and by any means. After all, that’s the adventure in “adventure travel”!

Currently, we’re on the road aboard our trusty pack mules, a Kawasaki KRL 650 and a Suzuki DR650, and every once in a while, we convert them into rally racing beasts for dust and glory. At all other times, these bikes serve as our means of transport, our home, and our office.

As we travel the world, we occasionally lead motorcycle tours and enter rally races to see what it’s all about; we’re obsessed with wild camping, off-road shenanigans, and content creation. Living on the road means we’ve got to support ourselves while we’re traveling, and it’s no easy task – but then, nothing worth doing is ever easy, right?

We’re Lennart and Egle
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As we put more and more dirt miles behind us, we hope to entertain you with our misadventures and inspire you to hit the road regardless of what bike you ride or where you’re going. If two clueless thumper riders can do it, so can you! It doesn’t matter whether you’re riding round the world or round the corner, indefinitely or for a weekend, and whether you’ve got a generous budget or no budget at all. You are adventure bound – and so are we!

To come along on the journey, watch our attempts at adventure travel of RTW road tripping on YouTube and check out our blog: we promise there’ll be no shortage of fun, fails, and inspiration in all forms and sizes.

So who the heck are we?

Together, we’re on a quest for dirt and freedom. As two-wheeled digital nomads, we’re always on the go and off the road, and we hope to invite you to join our traveling circus and get inspired to go on adventures of your own.

Lennart Vonk is a Dutch motorcycle maniac, tiny house builder, self-taught bike mechanic, a budding biologist, and an aspiring videographer; he is mostly found wandering about in forests and mountains scouting wild camping spots and looking for salamanders. When not in his natural habitat, Lennart rides his heavily modified KLR650, shoots motorcycle tours, and races rallies. His work is video content and strange overland vehicle builds, and his passion is nature, off-grid living, and world travel.

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adventure bound

Egle Gerulaityte is a moto hobo by choice and a writer by calling; on the road since 2013, Egle is obsessed by obscure and remote places, books, and storytelling. She is usually spotted pawing away at her laptop spinning tales and making content work, leading women’s off-road motorcycle tours and, plagued by visions of grandeur and glory, she occasionally enters rally races or subjects herself to all sorts of off-road training abuse just to see if she can keep the rubber side down. Egle is a self-confessed nerd perpetually fascinated by the ways of the world, and she is hellbent on traveling the world until the road runs out.

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Adventure Motorcycle

In addition to two-wheeled travel, we recently discovered we long for a space of our own while staying on the road. The solution? We’re building an verland vehicle that’s going to house us and our motorcycles and take us from Amsterdam to Alice Springs.

We are converting this Mercedes Benz 1113 B firetruck into an overand rig, and by spring 2022, we hope to hit the road and start heading East. Curious? Follow our blog for more updates coming soon – we promise there’s lots to come.

Stay adventure bound!

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We’re Building an Overland Vehicle // Adventure Bound