Nomad Life

How Much Does It Cost to Ride the World?

So you’re ready for the big adventure? Whenever we meet people on the road and tell them we have no return date, they inevitably ask the same question. How much does it cost to ride the world? We get it – riding around the planet seems like a pretty long project. How much money do you need for something like this? How much do riders spend on food, fuel, and accommodation? What are the actual motorcycle travel costs? The thing is, most people assume traveling the world is like an extended holiday. And on holidays, we all tend to splurge on better hotels, surfing lessons, shopping sprees, good eats, or nights out. If that’s your vacation MO, chances are, you may be spending $2,500 and upwards for a ten-day holiday in Bali, Mexico, or wherever else your adventurous soul takes you.

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