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How to Pack for a Motorcycle Trip

Intro Really, dude? Really? “How to pack for a motorcycle trip”? As someone who dislikes talking about stuff, I’m just as surprised about my sudden onset of wanting to discuss luggage and things as you are. I mean, it’s not like there’s a shortage of posts, articles, and videos about packing your bike for a long-distance trip. The thing is, though, despite all that information out there, as well as your own unbridled creativity, how often have you found yourself obsessing over packing lists, attempting to reduce volume and weight, and packing and re-packing several times before you give up and just cram everything down your panniers, wipe the sweat off your brow, cuss profusely, and go? Yeah. In this Yet Another Motorcycle Packing Post, I’m going to reveal my most prized secret of t

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