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Is Leatt Gear Good for Off-Road and ADV Riding?

If you're considering a new setup, is Leatt gear good for both off-road riding and adventure motorcycling? Over the years, Lennart and I have gone from traveling to trail riding to rally racing with some highway miles and on-road tours in between. How the heck do you find the gear that can cover all that, plus survive serious abuse and Egle’s spectacular involuntary dismounts worthy of their own YouTube channel? It’s a tough one. It’s been a never-ending, ever-evolving story of trial and error, mixing and matching, and testing out stuff on all sorts of terrain and in all kinds of weather. We’ve gone from Kevlar and second-hand, ill-fitting gear to Klim and back. We went from trying to race in adventure suits to layering Leatt up to our eyeballs. And so far, Leatt is the one brand

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