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What You Need to Race Hellas Rally in Greece

So, you’ve decided you want to go from ADV to rally and race the Hellas Rally Raid in Greece. Awesome! For me, the “why” of getting into rallies was the Dakar and the idea of chasing the impossible – but if your reason is simply to have stupid fun, that totally works, too. Before we dig in, if there’s a TL;DR situation happening, just watch this video, and you should be set… …but if you’re determined to keep reading, vamos. Why Hellas? Out of all the rally races out there, why should you pick the Hellas Rally Raid as your first rally? For one, because the organization of Hellas Rally truly knows what they're doing. Meletis Stamatis, the heart and soul of Hellas, has been in the rally racing world for over two decades now,

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