Big Little Rides: Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Tour in Belize

Women's adventure motorcycle tour in Belize

Ride Belize with a crew of female riders and guides!  Caribbean vibes, lightweight dual-sport bikes, jungles, Mayan ruins, and white sandy beaches are all on the menu on this trip.

Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Tour in Belize is designed by women for women: our local host and bike rental owner is the axis of awesome Emma, a Swedish gal who’s spent more than a decade riding, exploring, and running tours in Belize.

your tour guide

Your tour guides are Jurga and Egle, founders of Big Little Rides, and your crew members are going to be other two-wheeled women just like you!

We’ll be riding Belize’s stunning dirt and tarmac roads, exploring the local scenery, getting off the grid, and enjoying the hospitality of the locals – all in the company of other women riders. We’ll tackle some river crossings, see waterfalls, dip into the Caribbean Sea, visit local farms and villages, connect with local Mayan women and learn to make corn tortillas and open coconuts found on the beach, enjoy delicious local food, and combine dual sport motorcycling with snorkeling -just because we can.

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It’s an adventure, a beach holiday, and a motorcycling expedition rolled into one unforgettable experience – you’ll need your moto boots and your swimmers in equal measure!

What sets the Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Tour in Belize apart:

– An all-female group of riders and guides

– Lots of improvised adventures along the way

– Local knowledge

– Plenty of dirt and tarmac riding

– Kickass off-bike activities to rest up and recharge (think bioluminescence tours at night, boat parties, snorkeling, and visiting local Mayan women)

The tour is suitable for:

Beginner/mid-level riders

Don’t worry, you will be able to keep up, and we will cheer, support, and encourage each other along the way! This is a women’s adventure motorcycle tour, not a race, and our goal is to explore Belize, see the country off the beaten path, ride some seriously scenic trails, and improvise a lot along the way. If we’ll need to slow down, we will. If we’ll need o hit the throttle, we will, and if we discover a waterfall along the way and feel like going for a sim, we will. The daily distances will not be long – this is about enjoying the ride, the journey, and the Caribbean!

Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Tour in Belize: Itinerary

March 11: Arrive in Hopkins. Meet and greet your Belize crew, soak up the tropical temperatures, and finish up the paperwork & prep stuff

March 12: Stann Creek District. Ease into the day, get to know each other and our bikes, and take a leisurely jungle ride to Cockscomb Jaguar preserve, Plane crash site and short waterfall hike & swim, potential river tube (extra $15). An easy intro day to Belize, the bikes, and the company!

March 13: Ride down to Toledo (via some detour to Waterfalls and or a local Spice Farm): lots of riding and sightseeing along the way

March 14: Ride the Mayan Village Tour, head back to Hopkins for a rest day

March 15: Time to rest and recharge! Snorkel out of Hopkins (full day including lunch and island time 115 USD)

March 16: Ride up to Cayo district, via blue hole, St. Herman’s Cave or some other trouble we will set you up with on the way.

March 17: Cayo District. Ride Pine ridge to Caracol Mayan Ruins. Rio Frio Caves. Rio On Pools.

March 18: Cayo District. Some more Pine Ridge adventures (1000-foot falls and then get over to the San Ignacio/Benque for the night via the Xunantunich Mayan ruins (boat on hand-cranked ferry)

March 19: Cayo ride (San Ignacio / Benque area)

March 20: Rest/party day in Cayo on Jungle Pontoon boat

March 21: Ride back to Hopkins. Marie Sharps Hot Sauce Factory on the way

March 22: Lazy on road day ride day to Placencia for beach (winding down sort of idea yet still one the bikes). Evening: Bioluminescence tour from Hopkins and a farewell dinner

March 23: departure

The Nitty Gritty:

Price per person in shared room: EUR 2,800

Included: bike, accommodation, entries to National Parks and Mayan sites, guides

Not included: flights, meals, fuel, off-bike activities like snorkeling, adult beverages

Dates: March 11-23d, 2022 (if you can’t take this much time off, a shorter tour also available)

Bikes: Dual-sport Honda XR150, LF150, LF200, LF250

The payment and refund shenanigans:


  • If you cancel before the 10thof February 2022, we’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked


  • If you cancel after the 10thof February, we will give you a 500 Euro voucher for the next tour


  • If there are new COVID-related restrictions resulting in a travel ban to Belize, a global economy collapse, or a zombie apocalypse, we’ll send you your cash back, no fuss, no muss!


  • The remaining 2,300 Euro is paid on arrival (although you’re welcome to pay the full amount right off the bat – whatever works better for you!)


  • Can’t get away for twelve days? Join us for a wek instead! We’re happy to customize the tour for you if you only want to join for a few days.

Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Tour: FAQ

  • What’s Belize like?

Belize is a teeny tiny country wedged between Guatemala and Mexico. It’s small, but it’s all sorts of awesome: it’s got 400 000 inhabitants of different ethnic groups that live and co-operate, a true melting pot. Hopkins (where our women’s adventure motorcycle tour will start) is a Garifuna village: Garifunas are a very particular African descendent group of people that are sparsely scattered in enclaves in the Caribbean. The Garifuna have a very special sub-culture, famous for its drumming, their own language, and the like. It’s a cool people and place, certainly very Caribbean.

The south, Toledo district, has the Mayan population. It’s the most undiscovered and remote area of Belize, and we’ll explore it on two wheels. Doing a tour through the Mayan villages down there will offer you some untouched landscapes and raise some curiosity among the inhabitants. A bunch of moto-gals stopping at the local village shop buying some soft drinks can be an interesting adventure for all, not only our group but also for the local girls that live in the village!

The western part of Belize has a Spanish influence. You will feel that change in culture; coupled with all of this, there are also Chinese folks running the grocery stores and German-speaking Mennonites running the agriculture. Some eccentric expats are of course also around as well as Lebanese decedents and all the mestizos, creole, and coolies. In other words, the people are as diverse as the nature in Belize, and it’s an incredible experience to see it all up close and personal!

Riding in Belize can be experienced on many levels. Motorcycling Belize is as much about the riding as it is about getting off the bikes and seeing or doing something for a little while before hopping on the saddle again. There is plenty of water in Belize: rivers, waterfalls, beaches, so swimwear under your riding gear is the way to go here! In addition, we’ll go on a bioluminescense tour at night – that’s when the ocean starts shimmering with glowing sea creatures, and it’s an awe-inspiring sight to behold. There’ll also be lots of caves, Mayan ruins, and jungle hikes on the menu, as well as snorkeling above the coral reefs – in other words, the women’s adventure motorcycle tour in Belize is about the adventure, the culture, and the nature in equal parts.

  • Where do I fly in?

You should book your flights to Belize City. We’ll organize the transfer to Hopkins for you.

  • What gear do I need?

Bring your helmet, boots, light summer gloves, and light off-road or adventure gear. It’ll be hot and humid, so no need for heavy four-season adventure suits!

  • How difficult is the riding?

We will have both dirt and tarmac roads, and there may be some river crossings, muddy trails, and the like. Don’t worry if you’re not very experienced riding off-road: if need be, we’ll split the group in two to accommodate for complete beginners and more spirited riders alike, and we’re always happy to help you figure this dirt riding thing, too. We won’t be going too fast, and there won’t be any gnarly, technical sections – our goal is to enjoy the adventure, not compete in the Romaniacs!

  • I’m short. Can the bikes be lowered?

Hell yes! We will have a couple of lower bikes for the shorties.

  • What’s the weather like?

March is the perfect weather in Belize – sunny days (around 82F/27C) and breezy nights, perfect for two-wheeled adventures and beach suntanning alike.

  • Where will we be staying?

We’ll spend some nights at Emma’s crash pad in Hopkins and pick some quirky local stays along the way. The keywords are rustic and full of local color rather than luxury, but we’ll definitely have some fun!

  • Who are the guides and the crew?

Your hotel and bike host is Emma, founder of Alternate Adventures, and your tour guides are Jurga and Egle – two motorcycle-obsessed chicas on a mission to ride the world one obscure destination at a time. To date, Egle and Jurga has led women’s enduro training events and tours in Romania and Spain, and the gals who ride with us are brilliant moto souls just like you – our mission is to ride, explore, have stupid fun together, and support each other every mile of the way.


Still got questions? Shoot us a message or give us a call at +447730712856

Big Little Rides is for wild women with big ideas: we ride dirt, we fall, we get up again, we get muddy, we break things, and we discover places. It’s hard to describe that feeling we get when a bunch of dirt bike engines start roaring, braids and ponytails flapping from under the helmets, and off we go – a mad and brilliant cavalcade of moto women on a quest to ride, laugh, and be free.

Come ride with us!