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Why You’re Dead Wrong About Motorcycle Touring Costs

If you haven’t done any longer trips outside of the Western world, your idea of motorcycle touring costs is most likely… Dead wrong. We’ve heard people tell us they can’t ride South America because “a month riding motorcycles in Patagonia is, like, $10,000”. We’ve heard people say you need something like $500,000 a year to ride around the world. Often, people assume we’re independently wealthy to be able to travel indefinitely. None of these statements are true. Motorcycle touring costs are much - much - lower than most people assume. So where do all these assumptions come from, and why are they wrong? Motorcycle Touring Costs in South America: $10,000? Remember that statement that “a month riding Patagonia is $10,000”? Having actually ridden Patagonia at about $1,5...

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