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Motorcycle Camping: Stop Overthinking It

Motorcycle camping is one of our favorite topics for two reasons: it’s all about freedom - and nature. We don’t camp nearly as often as we’d like to these days since we’re always on the go scouting new destinations. Whenever we get the chance, though, we pitch the tent somewhere secluded and beautiful... and just hide from the world a little bit. Motorcycle camping is the ultimate experience of being a two-wheeled nomad. You ride, you find a spot somewhere in nature, you put up your tent, and voila: you’re home. Every time, the view is different – you might be camping against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, the sea, a riverbank, or the woods – and every time, it’s yours to enjoy for a while, then leave again without a trace. So what do you really need for motorcycle camping,...

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Nomad Life

Where to Sleep When Riding a Motorcycle Cross Country?

Wondering where to sleep when riding a motorcycle cross country? You're not alone: "where do you stay" is one of the most asked questions we get during our travels. And it's a fun one - having slept in the strangest places imaginable from a roadside in Patagonia, a hundred-year-old schooner in the Caribbean, a mountain cabin in Norway, and an old military fort in Poland, we often choose the most entertaining answer we can. Amusement aside, though, knowing where you'll sleep when riding a motorcycle long-distance is part of the prep. Are you planning to stay in motels or hotels along the way? Are you hoping to camp? Are you going to wing it? It all depends on the way you like to travel: some people prefer to book hotels way in advance, while we tend to improvise as we go along....

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