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What Nobody Tells You About Motorcycle Adventure Travel

Here’s the thing about going on a motorcycle adventure: whether it’s an epic round-the-world expedition or a week-long trip, it never goes as planned. Never. And that’s the beauty of it. No matter how well you plan and prepare and how many mods or farkles you install on your bike, things are going to go haywire in ways you can’t foresee yet. You may be riding a brand new, just-off-the-showroom motorcycle, and your suspension will crap out on Day Two due to the New Motorcycle Kinks Syndrome (we’ve seen it happen!). Or you may be riding an ancient thumper you don’t really expect to even start on a chilly morning, let alone at high altitude, yet the thing ends up carrying you across an entire continent. You may plan to do 500 miles a day, every day, then find yourself p

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