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How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World Overland

If you're wondering how to quit your job and travel the world, here's something to think about first. Do you love what you do? Do you live for the stuff you spend the majority of your time on? Do you wake up each day excited, feeling creative energy cursing through your veins, ready for adventure? If the answer is yes, you’re clearly a happy, curious, and well-balanced individual who takes no shit and seeks no one’s approval. If it’s a “no”, it might be high time to figure out how to quit your job and travel the world. Here’s the thing: it’s 2022, and there is no good reason to be doing things you can’t stand. There’s also no good reason to be trading your most valuable asset – your time – for a wage decided by someone else; sure, everyone needs to make a living, but how

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