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Essential Suzuki DR650 Mods for Performance

What are some of the must-have Suzuki DR650 mods, and how are they going to change your bike? The mighty Suzuki DR650: the tractor, the indestructible plough horse, the cucaracha. If you own a DR650, you know exactly what we’re talking about. These bikes have been around forever, and they’re still the most popular weapon of choice among seasoned overland travelers, dual-sport maniacs, off-road nutcases and, yes, even rally riders (more on that later). But if you’ve got a stock DR, should you mess with it? What are some of the most important Suzuki DR650 mods you need? The thing with stock DR’s is that they…work. They will get you through any sort of terrain, do any distance you ask of them, and forgive you all the rookie mistakes. Riding a DR650 as a beginner rider is like hav

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