Adventure Travel

We’re Building an Overland Vehicle

Wait, what? Buiding an overland vehicle? Aren’t motorcycles the perfect means for overlanding? They are – but we’re on a mission to build an expedition truck nonetheless. Okay, let’s back up a little. Lennart and I have spent a considerable amount of time wandering about on our motorcycles. I started my adventure traveling odyssey back in 2013 when I bought a small Chinese motorcycle in Peru and took off traveling across South America for two years. I never stopped riding – after a short stint back in Europe, I got a Suzuki DR650 back in 2016 and rode it across the US, Canada, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. Then, I shipped the thing to Europe hoping to do some rally races and head to Africa. Lennart started traveling on bikes back in 2012, first doing short trips wit...

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