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Adventure Motorcycle Travel Ideas for 2022

Curious where we’re headed in 2022? Frankly, so are we - but we've got a whole bunch of adventure motorcycle travel ideas for 2022. With the never-ending pandemic still never-ending, we have no idea where the road may take us in 2022. We’re hoping for South Africa, planning Morocco, and currently staying in Andalusia, but what will 2022 bring is anyone’s guess. Still, if you’re itching to go, what are some decent adventure motorcycle travel ideas for 2022? Whether it’s cross-country, cross-continent, or around the world, there’s always somewhere to go. “There was nowhere to go but everywhere” – Jack Kerouac In this post, we’re sharing some sneaky adventure motorcycle travel ideas for next year. The big ones, the budget ones, the creative ones, and the zombie-apocalypse-scenario

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